Originally born to test the Alembic Grooming on UE4, as soon as UE5 Early Access came out I knew I had to try it. This was my first project using XGen, and I learned this: groom before you rig, or converting Xgen Collections to Interactive Xgen Collections (required for Alembic Caching) is gonna cause problems. Also, for a correct binding, import the model with the correct rotations, don't try to fix them in Unreal.
The material I created in UE5 creates unique patterns, lerping the metallic texture made in Substance Painter with the rust texture included in UE5. I pushed my new RTX card to the limit, using Raytracing and a lot of Post Processing.

Made in Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance Painter, XGen, UE5 and UE4.
Renders in IRay (Substance Painter)
Maya: model, rig and UV
On the left: Groom in XGen
On the right: early test in UE4
"Clean" version in Zbrush (which I used to create the glue to attach the parts)
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