Texas, 2884 As humanity slowly rebuilt civilization, a WW2 plane cemetery was dug up. The parts were scavanged, and the Pog Racers were born. You see, the language got mixed, and what is perceived to be pure Wild West slang, is actually combined with 21st century meme slang. And so, he who rides a Pog Racer is called a Cowboi.
Originally the cowbois sit on the engine, but the amount of accidents, that resulted in the term “Yeet Haw”, pushed for technological development of remotely controlled Pog Racers, and even artificial pilots, known as Cowbots.
From the upcoming racing game, Pog Racer. A small project I'm working on in Unity with 2 friends at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

Made in Autodesk Maya and Substance Painter.
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